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The 3-Day Weekend Apprentice Online Course


  • Create 2 to 20 hours More Free Time EVERY WEEK.
  • Build Better Relationships with Those You Love.
  • Let Go of Unproductive Relationships.
  • Free Up $25 - $250 or More each month
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason


  • 8-Week On-Demand Training Program

  • Training Videos & Coaching Exercises

  • Implementation Workbook


Feedback from People Who have Done the Work:

A wonderful course in today's busy times with constant feelings of scarcity of time by many people. Expert Course Instructor, Wade Galt has made the programme very enriching with many beneficial time saving strategies, ways of taking out good number of hours every week which are consciously or unintentionally wasted, and building & maintaining better relationships. Apart from time mastery skills there is good discussion on creating more money and also living a very fulfilling and a satisfying life. Thanks.

Dr Pranav Kumar

I used to miss out on so much, but now I have time to be there, to do the hot lunches for my kids, to help out with their concerts, movie nights, and do all those things that are so important to us moms. It freed up my energy and my time, so I could be more present and be so much better

Gina Johnson - Life Coach & Mother

This course is really amazing, everything explained and mentioned in this course are clear and I must say everything thing almost a pre-requisite for achieving 4-day work week. Thank you so much for this Amazing course, Wade


Well Structured, Actionable, Practical and Valuable

Tajul Ghani

Your course was more than I expected and I look forward to learning more as I go through it again.

Brenda Kendall

Hello, First of all, I would like to say Thank you Wade. The information I found in this course was hard to find; however, the knowledge you gave will be impossible to forget. This course was concise, exciting, knowledgeable, informative, and worth every minute you and i put into it. I look forward to continuing to implement these resources in my everyday life

Dominique Potter

Very positive, instructive and eye opening.

Joel Camacho