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  • Free up 5-10% of Your Income (Or $100+) per Month to Enjoy Life & Relationships More
  • Create the First Draft of Your 3-Day Weekend Game Plan


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  • Increase Your Energy & Sense of Purpose in Work & Life
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Event Host & Coach

Create Your 3-Day Weekend Game Plan + Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is

I'm going to help you create the Game Plan for you to start living your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle (or the closest thing to it that you can for now). It took me 22 years after graduating college to get to my abundant & sustainable 3-day weekend / 4-day work week lifestyle. I can teach you how to get there much quicker.

I'll also show you how to "Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is" so you make the most out of the Relationships, Time, Money & Things you have in your life (right now). No need to change jobs to maximize your personal life.

Wade Galt

Founder of 3-Day Weekend Club

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur, & Software Company Owner

3-Day Weekend Club  |  Podcast  |  WadeGalt.com  |  God Equals Love  |  LinkedIn  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Event Speakers

Create an Amazing No Regrets Life by Persistently Pursuing Your Dreams

Holly McPeak is one of the most respected and successful beach volleyball players of all time.

But her success, enjoyment, & fulfillment is not limited to her profession.

Without an inspiring vision for life, there is little reason to do the work necessary to achieve success.

When we connect with our DREAMS, we create the fuel and desire we need to powerfully take action.

Holly will share how she does that and how you can, too.

Holly McPeak

3-time Beach Volleyball Olympian & Bronze Medalist in Athens

Owner / Coach of Elite Beach Volleyball Club

International Volleyball Hall of Fame   |   Team USA   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Twitter

Build a Network of People Who Support Each Other's Dreams

The legendary speaker Zig Ziglar would always say, "You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."

Chris Krimitsos has built the World Record-Breaking Podfest Community, Business, & Brand by helping other people share their voices plus build their communities & brands.

Learn 5 simple strategies to grow your Impact, Influence, and Income by Supporting Others to do the same.

Chris Krimitsos

Podfest Multimedia Expo Founder

Author of Start Ugly

Podfest Multimedia Expo  |  ChrisKrimitsos.com   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |  Twitter

Create a Life You Love from Wherever You are Right Now

Juliana Rabbi used to let her career decide where she lived and when she worked.

Then she decided to change the script and decide where she would live and who she would help.

Learn how you can start to greater shape your career, your income, your work location, and your life.

Juliana Rabbi

Career Coach for Remote Work

World-Traveling, Location Independent Entrepreneur

JulianaRabbi.com   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |  YouTube

Reduce Clutter to Improve Productivity + Save Time & Money

Physical clutter creates mental and emotional clutter that drains our time, money, and energy.

When we have more things than we need, our energy gets scattered in different directions as we work to maintain the possessions we "own".

Rebekah will show you how to free up more energy to focus on your most important projects, activities, and relationships by being more intentional and strategic about the things you invest in.

Rebekah Saltzman

Professional Organizer

Podcaster & Course Creator

Balagan Be Gone   |  Podcast   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |  Twitter   |  Pinterest

Create a Contagiously Passionate Life!

How ENERGIZED are you by your life?

Do your relationships & activities excite and fulfill you?

Is your journey challenging you and inspiring you to be the best you can be for the world and for you?

Andrew lives a dynamic life that includes diligently serving others while creating a fulfilling path for himself and for the people he helps.

Learn 5 practical & actionable things you can do to activate PASSION in your life & the lives of those around you.

Andrew Weiss

Virtual Event Consultant

Public Speaking Coach

WeissWisdom.com  |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |    Medium

Align with Your Purpose AND Pay Your Bills

Are you doing work that inspires you and aligns with your purpose?

How well are you able to manage your financial responsibilities and move towards your goals & dreams?

Your "Life Work" might or might not pay the bills, but it's possible to make sure you are doing the work you feel called to do AND earning abundantly so you can thrive financially.

Devi will teach you how to make sure you're honoring your calling and meeting your budget.

Devi Adea

Podcast Host & Launch Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

DeviAdea.com    |    Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |   Twitter

Make Time for Family & for Abundance

There's plenty of time in life - to be a mom, a stuntwoman, a successful entrepreneur, a committed wife, and more... if you understand how the different parts of your life can all come together and support each other.

Bunny has done the work to create the life she most desires, and she can show you how to do the same.

Learn to create the TIME necessary to be present and fully enjoy your family...

And make the impact & income necessary to serve others powerfully and command the income you deserve.

Bunny Young

Business Therapist

Work-Life Alignment Coach

A Better Place Consulting   |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook   |    YouTube

Optimizing Sleep in 2021 

Transform Your Health, Mood, & Productivity Through Technology, Accountability, & Behavioral Change

With sleep deprivation numbers at an all-time high and exponentially rising, one of the most important steps for our health & well-being (and performance!) is to re-discover and re-learn everything we thought we knew about the skill set of exceptional sleep.

People who regularly get fewer than six hours of sleep are at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline, and death from any cause. A lack of restful sleep also makes it more likely that a person will gain weight and have higher stress hormone cortisol levels.


5 Things You'll Learn

  • Exactly WHY sleep should be your #1 focus in 2021
  • What the Sleep Tripod is and how it can help you sleep better
  • How the framework of Circadian Rhythm Entrainment will help you transform your days, in order to transform your nights.
  • The 2 things that you must implement immediately if you want great sleep
  • A treasure trove of cutting edge sleep resources & insights

Mollie McGloclkin

Founder of Sleep Is A Skill 

Podcaster & Course Creator

Sleep Is a Skill   |   Podcast  |   LinkedIn   |   Instagram   |   Facebook 

How I Created a 3-Day Weekend Employment Opportunity in 9 Months

Al started Comic Crusaders - a passion-driven side-hustle/hobby - over 15 years ago to "To Inspire & Nurture Geek Culture 1 Fan at a Time!" and to run events that raise money for causes he believes in.

Like every great superhero, Al has a mild-mannered (though emotionally excitable and loud-spoken) alter ego - who does meticulous customer support for various companies.

Recently, Al decided he was ready to make more time for family, friends, and life.

We'll discuss how he did that, and how you can create a plan to do that, too.

Al Mega

Founder of Comic Crusaders

3-Day Weekend Side-Hustler & Employee

Comic Crusaders  |  Podcast   |   LinkedIn   |  Instagram   |   Facebook   |    Twitter

Commit to Something Bigger than Yourself

Getting people to work together towards a worthy goal requires tremendous leadership.

If we only focus on individual agendas, it can be near impossible to make meaningful progress.

When we help others see a bigger and more expansive vision of how we intend to serve others with our work, we awaken the possibility of creating true shared mission and purpose directed towards a common goal.

It doesn't happen instantaneously, but when we create shared purpose with those around us (co-workers, teammates or family) we ignite the passion and energy necessary to create truly great results and lives.

Catherine will show how you can do this in your community, your workplace and your family.

Catherine Cantey

Leadership Master Coach

Community Development Leader

CatherineCantey.com   |   LinkedIn   |    Twitter

How to Continuously Make Progress in Your Life and Business

Many of us are stuck in a reactive cycle. In this session, Alex is going to give some tips and ways to begin living a productive life so you can continuously grow and progress in life and business.

As the host of a top-rated podcast and founder of a very successful SAAS software business, Alex will be teaching strategies he uses in his own business and life.

Alex Sanfilippo

Founder of PodMatch

Host of Creating a Brand Podcast

PodMatch   |    Creating a Brand Podcast   |   LinkedIn   |  Instagram   |   Facebook   |    Twitter

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  • Free up 5-10% of Your Income (Or $100+) per Month to Enjoy Life & Relationships More
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