3-Day Weekend Club

by Wade Galt

Create the Time, Income, and Freedom to Enjoy Family, Friends, Life, and Work

Learn to create the impact, income, freedom & life you most desire.

The fundamentals apply to everyone...

  • Students, Employees & Side-Hustlers
  • Freelancers, Start-Ups & Solopreneurs
  • Business Owners, Executives, CEOs & Mentors
Online Community & Courses
  • Create a 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle (or a life that feels like that) ASAP
  • Create a Happy, Connected, Multi-Dimensional, Energetic Life
  • Reduce Stress & Overwhelm
  • Create Greater & Deeper Connections & Relationships
  • Enjoy True Work / Life Harmony
Your 3-Day Weekend Game Plan

Design the Strategy to Create Your 3-Day Weekend / 4-Day Working Week Lifestyle

  • Design the Plan for You to Create & Maintain a 3-Day Weekend
  • Create a Default Weekly Schedule for Your Life & Your Work that You Love
  • Identify & Solidify Income Sources to Consistently Fund Your Lifestyle

Start your journey today to create your 3-day weekend or similar lifestyle.

It took me 22 years after graduating college to make it happen for me & my family. The community & I can probably help you make it happen a lot quicker.