3-Day Work Weeks… Less Stress... More Fun & More Money

Since starting the program, I am consistently working a three day work week & delegating enough to possibly cut this down more. I am making more money & I am having more fun! I have taken up yoga and snow skiing with the time that I’ve freed up, with ZERO negative impact on my business or finances. I’ve decided to let my business work for me, not the other way around.

Before starting the program, I was in the “always on” mode of compulsively checking my blackberry, giving customers my cell phone number and calling the office on my time off just to check on things. Wade’s program helped me eliminate those behaviors and replace them with things that are less time-consuming and more productive. Now, I do not own a blackberry, I do not give out my cell number and I have not called the office at all when I am out- which is a lot.

My family is so grateful! Plus, they also like that my residual income has gone up significantly & new sales are up as well.  Thanks Wade!

Jenny Weidner - Business Owner, Wife & Mom

Balance, Structure & a Freedom-Based Lifestyle

I've transformed how I'm going to be doing my business.

I've known Wade for quite some time and I have to say that he is a man of integrity and he is an extraordinarily successful and spiritually based entrepreneur with a heart of gold.

Wade teaches you how to do your business in 4 days so you have balance.

You're not in the constant state of work, work, work.

As an entrepreneur, we can work too many hours if we don't set boundaries around our personal lives.

The way he has you do your business and structure your life, truly creates a freedom-based lifestyle around your work and gives you the nurturing and the balance that will create longevity so you can share your message for a long time to come.

Devi Adea - Entrepreneur, Coach, Author & Podcast Host

Clarity, Focus & More Income in 4 Days per Week

Working 4 days, I'm able to have another additional 3 days to balance, not just making money and earning money but making an impact on other people's lives.

Being in the office 4 days a week, does not mean I'm less profitable, I'm actually able to make more money in less time.

I get to be in my business and enjoy my life when I'm not at work.

Wade is a brilliant guy. He's very thoughtful, very purposeful, and very dynamic in his materials. You're going to get more than you ever thought for. He over delivers.

If you're even thinking about doing it, just step in, take the course, do what's necessary, then make the evaluation. Most people are always looking for the newest, shiniest object, the magic bullet to make their business run best. This is not a magic bullet, but what this does do, is provide a lot of clarity and focus.

Larry Hall - Small Business Owner, Insurance Agent & Father

More Time with Family… Less Stress… More Money

Wade is fantastic. I have invested in all of Wade's programs and my return from them has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL!

The information that Wade provides in the 4-Day Work Week Academy revolutionized my business and completely changed my thinking.

I am taking more time off to be with my family, increased my bottom line, and done so in a little over 6 months while decreasing my stress by a truckload.

I am now less stressed, more efficient, and highly effective after going through this training! It will change your life!

Brian Anastasio - Business Owner

More Profit in Less Time & Better Quality of Life

The program has helped me create more profit and a better way of thinking about my business in terms of profit and quality of life.

I’m working 1.5 hours less a week on a regular basis. When you consider the vacation time I have taken I’m going to easily cut 240 total hours for the year in comparison to last year.

Mark Cramer - Business Owner

More Creativity & Relaxation + Unique Insights & Expertise

This helped me to identify some areas of my life where I can start doing some other things that would open up space for creativity and space for rest and relaxation - those things that, as entrepreneurs (specifically passionate entrepreneurs), we can often forget about or put on the back burner.

Wade's incredibly high energy. He has tons of ideas, and he's really creative in the way that he keeps you engaged with what he's sharing.

I know he's been doing this for a really long time so he's seen a lot of these systems play out for different types of business owners.

He's very helpful in providing those unique insights that I don't think I've seen in many other places or from any other experts.

I would definitely recommend this to any entrepreneur who is maybe like me and struggling to set those boundaries for themselves.

AnnMarie Rose - Entrepreneur and Marketing & Branding Expert

More Accountability, Growth and Peace... Less Worry and Work

Before his coaching began, I was working a minimum of 55 hours each week to hard-earned average results. While initially terrified to cut back my work hours and spend more time personally, I quickly realized working smarter and structuring my week for efficiency provided much peace, and surprisingly, no different production. Once I found the courage to give up my early Saturday mornings and at least one afternoon a week, I found more peace and less worry happened pretty immediately.

Wade and I are currently working on the profit piece of my business. I have a psychology degree, and unfortunately, that didn't require a lot of business classes. My work with Wade in this area is critical with where I am in my career. In addition, I feel, as a business owner and a mom, I must continually be working to become a better version of myself, a better leader, a better mother, a better daughter, a better wife, a better friend and so forth. Working with Wade not only provides me with incredible insight in coaching but the accountability I need to ensure I don't forget about me. I think of him and his company like an oxygen mask in an airplane. They're that necessary.

Dennia Beard - Multiple Business Owner, Wife & Mom

70 Hours per Week to 40… More Time with Kids… Being a Better Mom & More

I am a certified life coach who helps moms achieve success in their business and family life. I invested 8 weeks in Wade’s online group version of 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur Academy.

I learned how to track my time and analyze what it was I was doing to see if it was serving my business’ primary purpose. I was very surprised to find out I had a lot of wasted time, not just at work, but in my family life as well. We were lacking fun, and my kids were just so happy when I started to make changes with Wade’s help.

I went from working 70 hours a week to working just 40 hours a week in only four or five days instead of seven.

Being a mom with kids in school, sometimes it was five days, but it was only during school hours. I used to miss out on so much, but now I have time to be there, to do the hot lunches for my kids, to help out with their concerts, movie nights, and do all those things that are so important to us moms.

By focusing on the friendships, clients and things that really match my values, my gifts and my calling, I was able to let go of all those relationships that were not serving me.

It freed up my energy and my time, so I could be more present and be so much better.

4-Day Work Week Academy can help you free up time, increase your productivity, increase your finances and improve the relationships with your loved ones.

Gina Johnson - Life Coach, Podcast Host, Mother & Entrepreneur

More Income, Much More Free Time with My Family and More to Come

Wade, I want to thank you for all of the guidance you have given me over the years.  

In the past three years since I have started working with you I have streamlined my business in such a way that every year I have reduced the number of days and nights in the office.  

When I met you, I was working five days a week, and 4 of those typically went to 10-11 at night.  I am proud to say that my typical work schedule is down to 2 days a week with only one of them going late into the evening.  

The amount of enjoyment that this has brought to me and my family can indeed not be expressed into words.  It has truly changed my life.  

You told me from the get-go that if structured things properly I could work less and earn more.  

In the time that we’ve been working together, my income has more than doubled, and the trajectory for future growth is still 100% on track.  

With the reduction of working hours, my production and enjoyment are at all-time highs.  I look forward to my work days, and I think it shows.

You have made a believer out of me, and my one hope is that you can spread your teachings to as many people as possible as I know you can do to anyone what you have done for me.  

Anonymous Client - Financial Advisor, Husband & Father (Prefers his clients don’t know he works 2 days per week)



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