3-Day Weekends Every Week




Tired of Running on the Hamster Wheel?

If you feel you're working harder than ever, but you're unable to create the life you truly desire, you're not alone.

Despite the income increases that many entrepreneurs see over time, so often we seem to forget why we took the risks to start our business in the first place - FREEDOM!

A big bank account means nothing if we don't have the time and energy to fully enjoy our family, friends, and life.

Our lifestyle needs to align with OUR vision & priorities.

This accelerated 13-week coaching program will help you do just that. With interactive coaching calls plus proven tools and strategies, you'll learn how to drop the complexity and restrictions that come from living someone else's vision, so you can simplify your business to support the life you truly desire.

You deserve SO MUCH MORE than an overwhelmed, overworked, unfulfilling life that goes nowhere!


It's Time to Finally Reap the Rewards of All the Hard Work You Do

You can become the impactful and abundant entrepreneur you most desire to be

AND create a meaningfully fulfilled life filled with the people, activities, & experiences you treasure most.







  • Multiply the Positive Impact (Value) of Your Work for Those You Serve
  • Get Paid More Abundantly for Your Work
  • Deliver Bigger Results with Less Effort & Struggle
  • Create More Free Time & Income to Enjoy Your Family, Friends, Freedom, & Life

It’s time to enjoy the Life and Lifestyle you imagined when you started your business.


  • Choose Yourself to Be the Author & Director of Your Life
  • Increase Relationship Freedom Inside & Outside Work
  • Reposition Yourself to Attract Your Most Ideal Clients
  • Transform or Let Go of Your Worst Clients ASAP


  • Invest 75% of Your Time in Your Highest Impact / Highest Results Work
  • Let Go of Your Lowest 20% Impact / Income Work
  • Create Your Highest Impact & Income Offer & Start Delivering
  • Drop Unnecessary Business Investments & Expenses


  • Enjoy 3-Day Weekends & Make Memories Every Week
  • Leverage Technology to Streamline Necessary Processes
  • Infuse Your Purpose Into Your Work & Your Life
  • Identify & Profitably Outsource 20% of Your Work



Implement the strategies you learn throughout the week.

Get feedback, insight, & support from fellow entrepreneurs.

  • THURSDAYS - Learn New Strategy for Your Business
  • TUESDAYS - Discuss Your Progress & Obstacles


Some of your most valuable insights will come from the group.

  • The program content will provide the strategy & road map.
  • The group brings energy & accountability to your progress.


You don't need to figure it out or do it by yourself.


I can help you Create a More Meaningful Life & Profitable Business while Doing Work You Enjoy & Believe In.

It took me 7 years after graduating college to start my own business, & 15 more years to create an abundant & sustainable 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle.

I can help you do this much quicker.

I teach Entrepreneurs to Impact More People & Create More Income in Less Time, so you can fully enjoy your family, friends, freedom, and life.

I'm a 20+ year Software Company Founder, Business Growth Coach and Author of books on business growth, finance, personal growth, parenting, & spirituality.

My family & I have lived ocean-side in North & South America.

I enjoy 3-day weekends and Fridays at the beach playing volleyball with friends + weekends with my family.



If you're an established entrepreneur making $100,000 or more (or 100% of your target income)...

Working 40 hours per week or more...

We can probably help you Make More Income...

Work 20% Less Time per Week...

Do the Work You Do Best & Enjoy Most.

And in most cases, we can help you achieve this in 90 Days or Less.

If you do the work, but don't see the results, we can give you your money back (see further below for details).


Impact More People

Reach More People with Your Work

Increase Your Income

Focus on the Biggest Results

Create More Free Time

Enjoy Greater Freedom in Life

Enjoy Family & Friends

Savor Your Favorite Relationships

Create More Impact & Income, In Less Time,

Doing What You Do Best!

Optimize Your Personal Relationships, Free Time, & Life

Maximize Delegation, Productivity, Impact & Income


    (1) Lifetime Access to Course Content & Member Forum, (2) Income Optimization Software, (3) Result Milestone Tracking
Starts February 23 at 12:45 pm ET
Starts February 23 at 3:15 pm ET



or 4 x $3,000

24 GROUP CALLS (12 People or Less)

  • 12 Weeks x 2 Calls per Week
  • THU - Implementation Strategy
  • TUE - Progress & Obstacles
  • Zoom Calls of 12 People or Less

LIVE 2-DAY WORKSHOP in Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Obstacle-Crushing Group Event
  • Breakfast & Lunch Provided
  • 3 Hotel Nights Included



or 4 x $1,500

24 GROUP CALLS (with Breakouts)

  • 12 Weeks x 2 Calls per Week
  • THU - Implementation Strategy
  • TUE - Progress & Obstacles
  • Zoom Calls with Breakout Groups of 2 or 3
Join the Small Group - $10,000
Join the Big Group - $5,000
Join the Small Group - $3,000 x 4
Join the Big Group - $1,500 x 4

Schedule a Strategy Session with Wade to Discuss Program Fit



* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Any Reason + Extra Options Below

If you

  • attend at least 80% of the group coaching calls in their entirety
  • complete the program work
  • share your progress with Wade & your group

you should be able to see the following results:

  • earn the same income in 10% to 20% less time as you were before you started
  • create more free time on the weekends & during the week
  • enjoy more time with family & friends

If you do not see these results, you have a few options:

  1. join the next (or 1 future) coaching group for no additional charge
  2. submit your completed program work (+ attend 80% of calls) & get 1 private coaching call with Wade to create a follow up plan to implement + join the next (or 1 future) coaching group for no additional charge
  3. submit your completed program work (+ attend 80% of calls) & get a 100% refund.