Be a Multi-Niche Solopreneur without Overworking with Flavia Berys



Entrepreneurship can take on many different forms. Flavia Berys is the host of the Lifestyle Solopreneur podcast, an attorney, marketing expert, and founder of several online academies. She does all this while making time for family and working a very reasonable schedule. Learn how you can adopt the mindset and determination that have helped her create such an impactful, abundant, and enjoyable life.



Flavia Berys is an attorney, real estate broker, and business consultant based out of Southern California.

Flavia has worked for one of the largest global law firms, involved in large-scale legal matters for Fortune 500 companies and other high-profile clients.

She teaches as an adjunct law professor and as an instructor at a local college.

Flavia hosts the popular "Lifestyle Solopreneur" Podcast, available on Apple Podcasts and at

She also works in the sports entertainment field as a consultant to pro-level entertainment & cheerleading squads. She is the author of Professional Cheerleading Audition Secrets: How To Become an Arena Cheerleader for NFL®, NBA®, and Other Pro Cheer Teams.

She is the original creator of POM FIT™, CARDIO KICKLINE™, POM POM ABS™, and the POM POM FITNESS™ workouts, and is the founder of PRO CHEER LIFE™. Online classes are available at

Prior to and during law school, Flavia worked as a marketing consultant, cheerleading and dance team director, notary public signing agent, real estate broker, event and wedding planner, and magazine editor.

Her wide array of professional experience enables her to serve her clients with a rare form of resourcefulness, empathy and creativity.

In her spare time, Flavia enjoys horse polo, rock climbing, yoga, aerial circus arts, motorcycles, reading, and dance.









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