Enjoy Life NOW, Not After You "Make It"

You Became an Entrepreneur for a Reason...        Are you living the life you imagined inside & outside work?

Lay the Foundation & Launch

  • Create Your Long-Term Game Plan
  • Make Improvements Every Month
  • Get to 3-Day Weekends in 3-12 Months

Do Your GENIUS Work & Thrive

  • Focus on Your Absolute BEST Work
  • Make Huge Impact on Clients' Lives
  • Maximize Results & Hourly Income

Delegate for Freedom & Wealth

  • Let Go of Low-Income Tasks
  • Increase Time in High Income Work
  • Reduce Friday Work Until It's Gone

Create Greater Impact, Income, and Freedom

3 Ways to Start Your 3-Day Weekend Journey

Make Time for Life, Family, Friends, Fun, Enjoyment AND Work

Book of Wisdom

(30 Minutes)

Learn the 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Mindset

Read / Hear the Book (My Treat)

Course + Community

(3-12 Months)

Create Your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle Over 3-12 Months

Check Out the Course & Community

Coaching Program

(12 Weeks)

Create Your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle in 3 Months

View Coaching Program Details

3-Day Weekends in 3 Months Strategy Call

We'll design your Game Plan to achieve your 3-Day Weekend Lifestyle, so you can create the impact, income, & lifestyle you most desire.

Then you can decide if you want to implement the plan on your own or with our help.

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